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A Classy, Stylish Golf Cart Seat Cover and Pad

KartMate by Elite Seats

Elite Seats manufactures three models of it's KartMate seat pads
 and matching shoe and accessory bag sets.

KartMate "KlassyKart" Seat Pad Sets.

Colorful, durable fabric choice will give your cart a
distinctive, customized look and feel.
● Back and seat cushion covers
● Stylish customized look
● Easy on, easy off design
● Gives your cart a Trend Setter look

KartMate " Golfers Choice" Seat Pad .

The perfect mate for the avid golfer that
requires style, comfort and safety on the course.
Colorful fabric choices
● Easy to install
● Easy to store
● Light to carry
● Back-of-the-leg-protection
● Easy to identify cart

KartMate "Carry Mate" Seat Pad .

For the traveling golfer, who appreciates
the comfort of a compact seat pad.
● Light weight
● Compact
● Easily stored
● Attached rollup closure
● Includes net store and carry bag

KartMate Shoe and Accessory Bag Sets

For the golfer that values style and
matching accessories.
● Light weight
● Compact when empty
● Easily stored
● Zippered closure
● Washable
● Vented